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Tyres FAQ’s

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Summer Tyres FAQ

What are summer tyres and why should they be fitted?

Summer tyres are tyres designed to perform optimally in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. Given the UK's generally mild climate, extreme weather conditions are rare, making summer tyres an ideal choice for most of the year. They offer better mileage, improved comfort, and superior control compared to winter tyres, and are statistically the most popular tyre choice in the UK.

How do summer tyres compare with winter tyres in performance?

Tests by Nordic Road and Transport show that on dry asphalt, the braking distance for summer tyres is 15% less than winter tyres at 60mph. The difference increases to 20% on wet asphalt. These results underline the importance of choosing the right tyre for optimal grip levels and overall safety.

Do summer tyres provide better mileage than winter tyres?

Yes, summer tyres offer better mileage due to less rolling resistance—the inert force exerted on a tyre as it rolls. This is because winter tyres are made with a softer compound, making them more pliable, while summer tyres are harder, better suited to withstand the UK's temperatures, and offer lower fuel consumption.

When should I fit summer tyres?

The best time to fit summer tyres is during spring, after the winter months when you're switching from winter tyres. This timing maximises the use of your summer tyres, providing benefits such as reduced fuel consumption, enhanced driver comfort, and improved safety.

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