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German Technology Powered Ultramodern Wheel Alignment

Hofmann wheel alignment is the new age wonder, backed by the world-leading ‘made-in-Germany’ technology. The Hofmann brand is a widely preferred one in the automotive industry. Makers of many major car brands have rendered approval to product and quality that comes with this brand name.

The Hofmann machine for wheel alignment is a computerised system which comes calibrated with a 4 post ramp and 3 high-resolution cameras configured to automatically adjust to the vehicle’s dimensions. The machine is wireless and offers Bluetooth communication. The overall mechanism enables meeting the car manufacturers’ standards, furnishing precision with every result.

If you look forward to persistently precise service, Phillips Tyres Bicester is your destination!

Drive-in to our garage, and we will be happy to perform a free wheel alignment check. If the wheels are found misaligned, it is up to you to get our paid wheel alignment service.

Have a doubt or wish to know anout our services? We are just a call away!

Preferred Dealers partnered with Nexen, Kumho & Syron Tyres

Making your shopping experience stress-free!




Kumho Ecsta HM KH31

Kumho Ecsta HM KH31 delivers a well-balanced performance and can be fitted to passenger cars.

  • Wavy groove to enhance water dispersion using lateral and longitudinal groove intersections.
  • Lateral groove boosts aquaplaning resistance and rolling noise.
  • Wide centre ribs that provide stability during high-speed driving and cornering.
  • The new tread compound delivers excellent handling capability.
Prices from: £17.45to£135.95 View More



Nexen N'Fera SU1

Nexen N'Fera SU1 is an ultra-high performance premium tyre developed for sports driving.

  • Four wide longitudinal grooves to offer improved water dispersal.
  • Lateral grooves to prevent hydroplaning.
  • Three centre blocks for straight road stability during high-speed driving.
  • Optimal shoulder block to enhance surface grip, especially during cornering.
Prices from: £20.20to£89.95 View More



Syron Race 1 Plus

Syron Race 1 Plus is an ultra-high performance summer tyre that serves as an excellent choice for original equipment for passenger and sports cars.

  • Unique tread design ensures maximum grip on dry and wet roads.
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear, which means durable and long-lasting tyres.
  • Centre block design offers maximum stability during straight road high-speed driving.
  • Delivers speed and comfort, making it a perfect choice for Sports cars.
Prices from: £46.00to£77.00 View More


Phillips Tyres Bicester is a renowned car servicing, and OEM spares retailing brand in the United Kingdom. We are now in Bicester and ready to serve the people of surrounding towns and cities like Oxford, Buckingham, Kidlington, Brackley, all the way up to Witney and Aylesbury.

We have been in the business for around 40 years now. With a team of professional, qualified and experienced service personnel, we aim to provide our clients with the best services, delivered on time and with care.

Buy Tyres from Phillips Tyres

You can buy the tyres directly from our workshop. You may now even buy tyres online from our website and get them delivered to your doorstep. You merely need to provide essential tyre details such as size, vehicle type, and speed ratings.

Numerous types of tyres are driven in the UK. Motorists periodically change car tyres based on various variable factors such as weather and road conditions. Based on the demand of car owners, we sell the following types of tyres in the UK:

Summer tyres: Motorists commonly use these tyres during warm weather conditions, typically around summer, spring, and autumn seasons

Winter tyres: These tyres are utilised by the car owners usually in cold and wet weather conditions, i.e. in winters

All-season tyres: The All-Season tyres can be driven on throughout all seasons due to their consistent performance in different weather conditions

Run-flat tyres: The run-flat tyres are slowly garnering attention among the UK car drivers as they can be driven on even during punctured tyre situation, boosting road safety

4x4 tyres: UK motorists use these tyres as they are designed to be operated on off-road terrains such as dirt, grass, snow, and mud

Performance tyres: The performance tyres are fitted to high-speed vehicles. As we see a surge in the number of sports cars and premium vehicles, the demand for performance tyre increases as well

A Treasury of Popular Car Tyre Brand

The tyres Bicester motorists purchase from us come from the most trusted and globally reputed brands. We are licensed sellers of the big brands such as:

Nexen - a South-Korean tyre manufacturing giant with a presence in 120 countries.

Michelin - globally popular brand with marketing operations set up in 170 countries.

Bridgestone - one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers operating in over 60 countries

Continental - fourth largest tyre manufacturer in the world, with a presence in over 170 countries

Goodyear - founded in 1898, one of the most well-known brands in the world

Now, with Phillips Tyres Bicester folk too will relish choosing tyres from among these worldwide brand leaders! Apart from these brands, we also offer other favourite tyre brands such as

  • Maxxis
  • Pirelli
  • Firestone
  • Blackstone
  • Dunlop

Visit our website for elaborate details on these as well as many more tyre brands that we sell to our customers. Our products are 100% genuine and are backed by manufacturer warranty and quality.

We Sell alloy wheels

We specialise in alloy wheels. A wide array of alloy wheels have gathered momentum in sales over the last few years, and we stock all the best models, including the ones which have aluminium or magnesium composition. Such wheels are lightweight, durable and even help deliver better fuel efficiency. Above all, you will find the best designs only from our shelves!

Use the ‘vehicle configure’ feature we provide where you can choose the best-looking alloy wheels for your car.

Buy Tyres from Phillips Tyres Easily

You now have the comfort of buying tyres from your home. Fill in your car’s make and model, and our search engine will fetch you the results. Besides that, if you know precisely the type of tyre you need, you can search for tyres by size as well on our website. Filling in the details will also automatically open up a new page detailing all the various models that we store.

You can also use our website to get online quotations on the various services we provide. Our quotes are transparent and have no hidden charges, and are inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Since our site is HTTP secured, you can make online payments without any hesitation. Your data protection is our responsibility.

If you plan to book an appointment with us and skip the queue, feel free to call 01869 324835 and speak to our customer care representatives. You can call us for Tyres Bicester in case you have any queries as well.

Our Services

At Phillips Tyres, we first made our mark with the services that we provide. We have two preliminary types of services: interim and full servicing. Interim services are ideal for city commuting in populated areas like Bicester and cover the most common issues including:

1. ABS (Anti-lock Braking System).
2. Timing belt.
3. Seatbelts.
4. Batteries.
5. Warning lights
6. Interior and exterior lights.
7. Windscreen wipers and rear view mirror.
8. Clutch.
9. Suspension repairs.
10. Brake pads and fluids.
11. Oil filter replacements, etc.

A full servicing session will cover all of the above and add servicing of additional vital areas including the spark plug, air and oil filter replacement, and chassis repair. It is interesting to note that many parts of a car cannot be repaired. They need full replacements. Examples include the clutch system, many parts of the braking mechanism, dead batteries, and certain parts of the suspension.

With Phillips Tyres now in Bicester, you will never have to worry in the least about your car’s maintenance and spares.

Our sales

We are authorised retailers selling tyres made by giants like Bridgestone, Continental, Maxxis, Nexen, and Michelin and take pride in our sales, with good reason! We are confident that now, with Phillips Tyres Bicester folk too will give us added reason to be proud of our sales.

We sell tyres through both online and offline channels. We provide all sorts of tyres including summer, winter, all-season models or specialised tyres like those used on SUVs or 4x4s.

Also, on offer for our customers is a gamut of other OEM spares.