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Are you looking for Winter Wheels for your vehicle

Winter wheels

Most motorists know that it is crucial to swap summer tyres for their winter counterparts once the season changes. However, not many are aware that they should ideally replace the rims as well. At Phillips Tyres, we have a range of winter wheels that’ll not only make your car look gorgeous but also make it better suited to tackle the severe winter conditions.

Winter wheels are available from numerous manufacturers who tailor-make these wheels to tackle the British winter conditions. These wheels are more robust and can withstand snow, ice, slug and road salt without corroding or compromising on its structural integrity.

Benefits of winter wheels

Standard aluminium or alloy wheels are not particularly weather resistant. They have a coat of anti-corrosion paint which stops them from corroding in summers.

However, winter conditions are a different ballgame altogether, and it takes much more than a coat of paint to protect the rim from the elements.

The improved corrosion resistance of winter wheels in Bicester is primarily due to the metal they are made of. Most winter wheels are made from steel, which is known for its anti-corrosion properties. Additionally, most manufacturers employ special protection paint on winter wheels for additional corrosion resistance. Winter wheels are also compatible with snow chains, making them suitable to use during heavy snow.

At our garage, you’ll have the option to purchase a winter wheel-tyre assembly. It is the most convenient way to prepare your car for the colder climates. We have them in multiple variants suitable for different types of vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs and even commercial vehicles.

However, it is critical to note here that the EU has mandated that all cars should be equipped with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) post-November 2014. As such, there is a high probability that your car has the TPMS, in which case you may opt for pre-fitted tyre-wheel assembly with a customised sensor for TPMS.

Winter wheels for a safe driving experience

Purchase a set of winter wheels from Phillips Tyres to make your car safe and secure for the chilling months. Our in-house experts will assist you in choosing the perfect rims for your vehicle depending on multiple variables like your driving preferences and the terrain you mostly drive on.

You may also purchase winter wheels online from our web portal. We offer comprehensive packages cover tyre fitting, wheel alignment and balancing services.

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