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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


Driving in the winters can be considerably a more difficult task than driving in warmer conditions. The roads stay mostly covered with ice or snow. Moreover, the cold temperature takes a toll on many critical components of the car. Because of these circumstances, road safety is severely compromised in these months. It is no surprise that the number of accidents during the winter months shoot up dramatically.

It is, therefore, essential to maintain your car and ensure that all its parts are working properly for a safe drive during winters. At Phillips Tyres, we have a dedicated winter check service that addresses this very issue.

What is covered in a winter check in Bicester?

    Our winter check service is a comprehensive check-up of all the crucial elements of a car to enable safe winter driving. We give priority to the parts that are more prone to damages and malfunction during winters.


    Harsh road conditions during winters warrant the use of specialised tyres suitable for such circumstances.

    Winter check parameters

    • Ensuring that you have winter tyres fitted to your car.
    • Check whether the tread depth is adequate.
    • Inspect the tyres for physical damage and wear.
    • Check wheel alignment and tyre balance.


    The frigid temperature of British winters can take a toll on the car battery. It is necessary to make sure that it is properly charging and retains enough power to start the vehicle in the morning.

    Winter check parameters

    • Remove corrosion from battery terminals.

    • Check the voltage.
    • Inspect the condition and level of fluid.
    • Windshield wipers
    • A clear driver’s view of the road is essential for winter driving as the visibility is usually poor.

    Winter check parameters

    • Ensuring that the wiper blades have not turned hard and brittle.
    • Replace old wiper blades.
    • Check the level of washer fluid and refill it if necessary.


    The engine struggles to generate power due to the frigid temperature. Moreover, the viscosity of engine oil increases in winters.

    Winter check parameters

    • Check the condition of engine oil and refill it with low viscosity fluid if necessary.
    • Run an engine diagnostic.
    • Inspect the condition of air and fuel filters.


    One of the reasons that many drivers experience a drop in mileage during winters is that their exhaust systems aren’t working adequately.

    Winter check parameters

    • Check for leaks and physical damage.
    • Look for symptoms of a failed oxygen sensor or catalytic converter malfunction.


    Every car uses at least 6-7 types of fluids for its daily operation. These fluids tend to thicken in winters and fail to perform adequately.

    Winter check parameters

    • Inspect the level of all essential fluids.
    • Check for contamination.
    • Refill fluids as necessary.

    These are some of the essential elements of our winter check in Bicester. Other parts that we go through during the inspection include:

    • a) Brakes
    • b) Shocks
    • c) Lights
    • d) Cabin air filters
    • e) V-belt
    • f) Safety equipment

    Ensure your winter driving safety

    At Phillips Tyres, our priority is ascertaining that every car that passes through our doors should be at the best possible condition and deliver a safe and secure performance. Our winter check in Bicester is a definite step towards that.

    Call us or drop by at our garage today. We are open on all working days.

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