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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


Misalignment of wheels is one of the most common issues plaguing cars in Britain. A recent study shows that 70% of vehicles in the UK have at least one misaligned wheel. So, why don’t you hear about it more often? That’s partly because wheel misalignment is easy to overlook and partly because its effects are too gradual to be immediately noticeable.

At Phillips Tyres, we always advise our clients to check their wheel alignment Bicester every 6 months, or whenever they come for any tyre-related service like tyre rotation or balancing. We have an experienced team of automobile experts equipped with the latest wheel alignment equipment to detect and fix any even the slightest misalignment.

    Understanding wheel alignment basics

    When a car rolls out of the factory, all four wheels are perfectly parallel to each other and facing straight ahead. That is the ideal alignment of wheels.

    Problems begin to crop up with the regular usage of the vehicle. The daily impact of the road throws wheels out of alignment. Rash driving and poor road conditions accelerate the rate of misalignment.

    There are 3 angles to be concerned about in this regard.

    • Camber
    • Toe
    • Caster

    Camber refers to the angle of wheels when viewed from the front and toe refers to the angle when seen from the top. If your car’s wheels are inclined to any side when viewing from the front or top, it’s out of camber and toe alignment respectively.

    Caster is a bit more challenging to understand. It refers to the angle of the vertical axis of a wheel to its steering axis.

    Whenever these angles are beyond their pre-set or recommended parameters, you must bring your car to our garage for a professional wheel alignment Bicester.

    Symptoms of misaligned wheels

    Misaligned wheels have some distinctive signs that an alert driver will be able to notice if the issue has aggravated over time.

    • Uneven wear patterns are the most common symptoms. When a wheel is inclined more to a particular direction, the tyre tread in that direction will wear more than the other side.
    • The vehicle will pull in one direction.
    • Steering wheel will be off-centre.
    • You may feel constant vibrations through your steering wheel or the floorboard.

    All these symptoms point towards a possible misalignment of wheels. Bring your car to us for inspection to avoid adverse consequences such as –

    • Reduced fuel economy
    • Difficulty in steering
    • Rapid tyre wear leading to a reduced tyre life

    Best 4 wheel alignment garage in Bicester

    Wheel alignment is a serious issue that affects 7 out of every 10 cars in Britain. Bring your vehicle to Phillips Tyres for precision and affordable wheel alignment services.

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