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    Founded in 1942, Nexen tyres is one the leading tyre manufacturing companies in the global market. It has its presence in over 130 countries with technology that has been developed over 70 years. The company crossed exports of over 544 million pounds in 2012. Nexen tyres have well-built carcass which supports strong air pressure.

    At Phillips Tyres, we have a unique range of Nexen tyres which are compound, eco-friendly, and can be easily mounted. If you want to buy Nexen tyres online or offline, you have come to the right place.

    Characteristic features of Nexen tyres –

  • Eco-friendly
  • Tri-layered
  • Ergonomic groove patterns
  • Easy mounting
  • Performance as well as stability
  • Types of tyres for different vehicles from Nexen –

    Passenger Car

  • N FERA SU1
  • It comes with 4 wide longitudinal grooves for optimal aquaplaning resistance. The lateral grooves guarantee excellent performance on wet tarmac, generating maximum grip during cornering and elegant overall handling stability.

  • N Blue HD Plus
  • The N Blue HD Plus has high stiffness shoulder blocks with enhanced handling for your car. It has improved driving stability on wet surfaces with maximum comfort.

  • N Blue 4Season
  • This Nexen tyre is built explicitly for excellent snow performance with round and V-shaped grooves. It improves snow slush performance and has uniform grip shape. N Blue 4Season is also optimised for an all-season grip and is a European all-weather tyre.

    So when buying Nexen car tyres in Bicester choose from the above models for better handling performance.


  • N FERA RU1
  • This SUV tyre has 3+1 asymmetric grooves to help create a more aggressive point of contact. It comprises a narrow groove on the outside that assists in better handling and steering stability. N FERA RU1 has superior sturdiness at high speeds driving thanks to in/out balanced ribs.

  • Roadian HP is meant for performance SUVs. It has a V-shaped pattern for enhanced grip on any road combined with wide and deep directional grooves. It improves your vehicle’s braking distance courtesy large shoulder blocks on the tyre body. Excellent performance on dry and wet weather conditions makes this a popular choice.

    Van & Light Truck

  • Buy this Nexen tyre for long-lasting tread life. The biting edge of the tread pattern improves tread depth and delivers better durability. The tyres can drain water quickly with the presence of straight grooves. It also has rib-type shoulder blocks for excellent performance in wet conditions.

    The best of Nexen at Phillips Tyres

    If you are looking for the best car tyres, look no further than the exclusive range from Nexen at our new store in Bicester. We also have an experienced team of technicians who can help you mount the tyre in your car.

    Drop by our garage to choose from the most exclusive stock of Nexen car tyres in Bicester.

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