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    With experience in tyre manufacturing since 1960, and 5 Research and Development centres spread across Europe, North America, and Asia, Kumho is undoubtedly amongst the top global tyre manufacturers. So, visit Phillips Tyres in Bicester today and fit Kumho Tyres on your car.

    Reasons to fit Kumho tyres

    Along with being the official tyre suppliers for the international Auto GP open-wheel race series, Kumho has developed tyres for F1 events.

    Other distinguishing facts about Kumho –

  • Winner of Red Dot Awards for 3 consecutive years.
  • Total production output of 168 million tyres per year.
  • Market reach across 180 countries
  • Kumho tyres are used in cars, trucks, vans, jet fighters, and civil aircrafts
  • The above facts are enough to prove their credibility as a leading manufacturer. So, when replacing the old tyres on your car, opt for Kumho tyres in Bicester.

    When to replace old car tyres:

  • Increased braking distance –
  • An increase in the braking distance can be a consequence of low tread depth as the amount of traction tyres can generate is directly proportional to its tread depth.

  • Tyre tread depth below 2mm –
  • Low tread depth can compromise handling capabilities like cornering stability and braking. Furthermore, 1.6mm is the minimum tread depth allowed on UK roads. We advise re-treading or replacing tyres with a tread depth below 2mm, your tyres fail to deliver optimal performance.

  • Uneven tread wear –
  • Unevenly eroded tyre tread is a sign of a fault in your car’s suspension and wheel alignment. Moreover, when tyres are heavily eroded with different tread depth on its edges, it leads to wheel imbalance. Wheel imbalance can cause excess stress to your car's suspension components.

    Visit our professional auto garage, and fit high-quality Kumho tyres in Bicester on your car, for improved vehicle performance.

    Popular Kumho Tyre models



  • Asymmetric tread pattern enhances dry and wet braking capabilities.
  • Eco-friendly design aids fuel efficiency.
  • Performance
  • ECSTA KH11

  • Agile steering response and enhanced wet traction is this tyre’s trademark.
  • Special silica-based compound for improved performance in wet conditions.
  • Touring
  • SOLUS KH25

  • Delivers acceptable performance throughout the year, across all seasons.
  • Features enhanced cold weather traction and aquaplaning resistance.
  • Variable-pitch block design facilitates lower noise generation.
  • Winter


  • Latest sipe design offers excellent traction on snow and ice.
  • Directional tread pattern design enables excellent resistance against aquaplaning.
  • Visit us today

    When you visit Phillips Tyres in Bicester, our in-house experts consider your driving conditions and preferences to suggest you the most appropriate model from Kumho.

    Additionally, we also sell Kumho Tyres online. So order tyres as per your requirements from the comfort of your home.

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