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Tyre Tread Depth

The minimum tyre tread depth is considered one of the most crucial for maintaining your safety. All 4 of your car's tyres should mandatorily have at least 1.6mm tread depth. If you violate this regulation, you might be fined up to £2500 and collect three penalty points for each of the tyres that don’t meet the requirement.

Sufficient tread depth is necessary for maintaining proper road grip, eject trapped water from underneath the tyres, and to prevent it from overheating. That’s why we, at Phillips Tyres, offer our comprehensive and accurate tyre tread depth check in Bicester to ensure you always stay safe during your daily commute and abide by the laws.

    Importance of proper tread depth

    The tread depth of your car's tyres is one of the critical factors for determining its road grip. As it wears out, the tyres lose grip over the tarmac. This, in turn, reduces its handling characteristics and increases braking distance. Shallow tread depth can cause serious issues during the monsoon or winter seasons when the roads are covered with ice or water.

    Inadequate tread depth can cause –

  • Handling issues – Without adequate tread depth, your car’s tyres will not provide sufficient traction on the road. That can significantly increase its stopping distance. For example, with 1.6mm tread depth, the stopping distance is likely to increase by a staggering 39 meters.
  • Aquaplaning – Aquaplaning is an incident when water gets trapped underneath a tyre's carcass and causes it to lose traction with the tarmac. An average car tyre in good condition can disperse almost 13 litres of water every second, which is essential to ensure you get adequate road grip even if the roads are damp.
  • Poor heat dissipation – Tyres moving against the road creates a significant amount of friction, which generates a lot of heat. Its unique tread patterns create an airflow between the grooves and reduce a tyre’s temperature. If your car’s tyres have too shallow tread depth, it will not cool down properly, increasing the risk of a blowout.
  • The best way to avoid all these issues is a periodic tyre tread depth check in Bicester at Phillips Tyres. Our technicians will carefully go through all four units, looking for any abnormality and fixing the same when possible.

    What if the tyres are below recommended tread depth?

    If your car’s tyres have worn out below the recommended tread depth, you have to swap the unit for a new set. At our garage, you will find products from all the famous tyre brands available at attractive prices. We stock both season and performance variants of tyres for all types of cars in the UK.

    Visit us today

    Bring your vehicle to Phillips Tyres today for a thorough tyre tread depth check in Bicester. We will ensure that it follows the recommended regulations and you stay safe during your daily commute. Call us and schedule your appointment today.

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