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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?


    The suspension system of your car is an elaborate network of springs and dampeners that absorbs most on-road impacts. It is essential for a comfortable and jerk-free ride. At Phillips Tyres, we offer comprehensive suspension maintenance and repair packages at the best prices. Our suspension service garage in Bicester ensures that all the components of your suspension system are in optimal functioning conditions so that you can enjoy a smooth drive every time.

    There are safety implications of a malfunctioning suspension system as well. A worn-out suspension may add 2-3 meters to the braking distance of your vehicle, even at low speeds. You’ll also experience steering issues and find it difficult to manoeuvre your car.

How to diagnose a failing suspension?

The suspension system of a car generally stays under the radar, and you’ll only notice its impact when it malfunctions. A loose bearing here or some leaking fluid there may potentially disrupt the smooth performance of your car’s suspension system. You’ll encounter the following symptoms when there’s an issue with your suspension system. Do bring your car to Phillips Tyres for a comprehensive check-up and suspension repair in Bicester.

  • Vehicle nosedives while braking
  • Your car’s suspension system absorbs not only the impact of the road but also the chassis momentum. When something is wrong with it, your vehicle will tend to nose-dive when you apply hard brakes.

  • Wheels are off alignment
  • Your car’s suspension system relates directly to its wheel alignment as well. Improperly aligned wheels are a clear indication that something has affected the suspension system. You’ll also notice irregular and uneven tread wear because of the misaligned wheels. Most of the times, a simple wheel alignment procedure fixes the issue.

  • Vehicle has a propensity to body roll
  • If your car is banking steeply at every turn that you take, it’s best to bring it for inspection at our suspension service garage in Bicester. Excessive body roll is a credible threat as it may shift the centre of gravity of your vehicle and cause it to turn over. It is especially likely when you take a steep turn.

    You feel every small bump on the road

    One of the primary functions of a suspension system is to absorb the impact of uneven roads. The occupants of a car shouldn’t ideally feel all those impacts. When it fails to perform this basic task, you should bring your vehicle in for repair.

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