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Are you looking for Exhaust Service for your vehicle?


Cars emit around 26% of all greenhouse gasses in Britain. If it weren’t for the advanced exhausts that modern cars sport, that percentage would be a lot higher.

However, like every other component of a car, exhausts will sustain damages over the car’s service life. Although exhausts are among the sturdiest parts of a car, they can get damaged because of the intense heat and pressure they are subject to whenever your vehicle is running. At Phillips Tyres, we have an experienced team of professional technicians who are experts at exhaust repair in Bicester.

Signs of a faulty exhaust

A malfunctioning exhaust has many symptoms. Bring your car to our workshop for a comprehensive exhaust service in Bicester when you notice one or more of the following signs:

    Smoke coming from the tailpipe

    The exhaust system treats and filters the smoke coming out of your car engine’s combustion chamber and turns it into water vapour and harmless oxides of carbon. When one of its parts malfunctions, you’ll notice untreated smoke coming out of the tailpipe. The colour of smoke may indicate the particular component that has malfunctioned.

  • Blue: Blue smoke is an indication that oil is being burnt along with fuel in the combustion chamber. It may indicate a loose or broke valve cap, or worn-out cylinder walls and pistons.
  • Black/grey: Black or dark grey smoke is the result of a rich air-fuel mixture. The injector may be damaged, or the air filter may be clogged when this happens.
  • White: White smoke is a clear indicator that the head gasket is blown or the cylinder head is damaged.
  • Increased fuel consumption

    You’ll also experience a drastically reduced fuel mileage, as one of the primary functions of the exhaust system is to filter un-burnt fuel and sending it back to the engine for combustion. Increased fuel consumption is one of the most apparent signs that your car’s oxygen sensor is malfunctioning.

    Decreased power output

    A damaged or malfunctioning exhaust system puts immense pressure on your car’s engine which may falter to perform optimally. The result is that you’ll notice a stark drop in the power delivery of your vehicle. Acceleration will be slow, and you’ll find it challenging to clock high speeds.

    Bring your car to Phillips Tyres today

    Bring your vehicle to our exhaust repair garage in Bicester today if you notice any of these symptoms. Our experts will diagnose and fix the issue in no time. They are equipped with the latest tools available today and have the necessary know-how and experience to tackle these complex issues. We also service and repair other components of a car along with retailing a large variety of tyres from reputed international brands.

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