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Are you looking for Batteries Services for your vehicle?


At Phillips Tyres, we have a dedicated team of experts who are qualified to handle every issue your car’s battery may have. We understand just how vital a battery is to ensure vehicle performance. Now that you have the best battery repair in Bicester with us, you can put your worries to rest.

Aren’t car batteries maintenance-free?

Unfortunately not. ‘Maintenance-free’ is a marketing term that battery manufacturers use; all car batteries need some form of maintenance for better services. It is always advisable to have your car battery in Bicester checked by our experts to eliminate any issues at the root.

Our experts suggest that you have your vehicle’s battery checked once every 2 years to prevent long-term damage. Once batteries exhaust their service life, you will have to replace them; they are not repairable.

    What factors decrease a battery’s service life?

    A car battery’s life depends on a variety of factors. Ideally, most car batteries last around 5 years. However, car owners treat their car batteries rather cavalierly. Our experts decode the most common mistakes which decrease your battery performance over time.

  • Exposure to cold weather: Nothing diminishes the functionality and life of car batteries more than cold temperatures. In winters especially, they tend to behave erratically, a common problem in Bicester too. Just where our team at Phillips Tyres can help you out by prepping your car battery for winter.Bring your vehicle over to our garage!
  • Battery age is a factor: All batteries that are older than 5 years perform poorly. In case you are looking for a battery repair in Bicester for a unit that is older than that, you might as well buy a new one, because the older unit will malfunction.
  • An idle battery affects it negatively: Never keep your car battery idle; use it on occasions. If a car battery is not used for a prolonged period, it will suffer an untimely demise.
  • Running too many elements on a cell: People often make mistakes like running their car’s AC, heater, charger, or power windows on their battery, while the engine is turned off. Such malpractices significantly drain a cell and recharging it is difficult. Also, its useful service life is ruined.
  • Battery repair and more

    At Phillips Tyres, we take great pride in our professional expertise at servicing batteries. Once you bring your car to our facility, we will analyse the unit properly and tell you what the issue/s are. If they can be fixed, we will do so. If you need replacements, you can buy a new battery from us.

    You are assured to get the best car battery in Bicester from us because we store only products from the best brands. We also pass on the bells and whistles that accompany each unit.

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